Intervet Philippines’ Celebrates 11th Year

11 years of Intervet Philippines will not pass without giving appreciation to all those who worked hard for its success. It was indeed a special event because it is the last anniversary celebration under the Intervet format.

There were already special activities held before the actual anniversary. There was a thanksgiving Mass last July 18. The La Mesa Watershed project was again visited to look after the young trees planted last December 2005.

The 2 day anniversary celebration was held in White Rock Beach Resort in Subic, Zambales. All business partners and employees were present during lunch which marked the start of the anniversary celebration. It was followed by a team building activity and then a special dinner with a series of presentations commemorating the events in Intervet Philippines’ 11 years of existence. There was a video presentation entitled “Intervet Philippines- through the years”, a special dance number by the Sales Force, some speeches given by the business partners and the distribution of a photo memorabilia as token.

After all these activities, the company felt stronger to accomplish their goals together with their business partners. The sense of pride to have been part of this great company will never be forgotten and will always be treasured.

Photo Caption: Intervet Philippines’ employees and business partners during the team building exercise.