Nobilis® MG 6/85

Nobilis® MG 6/85


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Nobilis® MG 6/85

The safer live MG vaccine. A live vaccine for the active immunization of chickens to reduce clinical signs of infection with Mycoplasma gallisepticum.

Nobilis MG 6/85 is a live vaccine for the active immunization of chickens to reduce clinical signs of infection with Mycoplasma gallisepticum.

Active components per dose:
Live M. gallisepticum strain 6/85: >= 106.9CFU

A freeze-dried pellet.

Active immunization of future layers to reduce the clinical signs of Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection.

The vaccine is administered as a single dose to chickens of six weeks of age or older.

One dose per bird.

Method of administration
To be fully effective, the vaccine must be administered by aerosol to healthy, receptive animals maintained in a proper environment under good management.

Withholding period

Boxes of vials each containing 1000 doses.

Storage Store between 2-8°C. Protect from light.

- Do not administer this vaccine within four weeks of the onset of lay or to laying birds. A minimum interval of two weeks must be allowed between the use of this vaccine and other vaccines against diseases of the respiratory tract (for example Newcastle Disease, Infectious Bronchitis etc.).
- Do not medicate birds with any antibacterial drugs, especially those with anti-mycoplasma activity, during the five days prior to or two weeks following vaccination.
-Do not use other vaccines within 14 days.

Further information
- For animal treatment only.
- All susceptible birds on the same premises should be vaccinated at the same time.
- Efforts should be made to reduce stress during and immediately after vaccination.
- Do not mix this vaccine with any substance.
- Do not dilute this vaccine, or attempt to extend the number of doses from one vial.
- Use entire contents when first opened.
- Do not store partly used containers for further use.
- It is good vaccination practice when handling the vaccine to avoid contact with eyes, hands and clothing.
- The 6/85 strain of MG is not pathogenic to turkeys, but care should be taken in using the vaccine and handling chickens, so as to maintain very tight disease security.
- Keep out of the reach of children.
Dispose of empty or part-used vials in accordance with local regulations.

- Wash and disinfect hands and equipment after vaccinating.
- Vaccinate healthy birds only
- Each vial should be used immediately after opening.