Nobilis® ND C2

The first cloned live mild respiratory vaccine for ND that gives excellent protection and no vaccine reactions. A live lyophilized vaccine containing the patented, virtually non-reactive C2 strain of Newcastle Disease virus for the active immunization of chickens to reduce clinical signs and mortality caused by Newcastle Disease. It acts as a primer to reduce vaccination reactions of subsequent vaccinations with lentogenic ND vaccines such as Nobilis® ND Clone 30.

Nobilis ND C2 vaccine is a live vaccine against Newcastle Disease in chickens.

Active substance
Each vial contains 5.7 – 7.5 log10 EID50 per dose of live attenuated Newcastle disease virus (NDV) strain C2

Other excipients, knowledge of which is necessary for the proper administration of the product
Traces of gentamicin can be present as remnant from the antigen production.

A lyophilised pellet for reconstitution to a suspension for oculonasal or spray application

For active immunisation of chickens to reduce clinical signs and mortality caused by Newcastle disease virus.

The vaccine can be administered to chickens from 1 day of age onwards.The optimum time and method of administration depend largely upon the local situation. Because of the mild nature of the C2 vaccine strain it is suitable for vaccination from 1 day of age onwards, and it is recommended to revaccinate after 2-3 weeks with a live lentogenic NDV vaccine (e.g. Nobilis ND Clone 30) to enhance the immunity.

Test application
The vaccine can be administered by oculonasal application or by spray.

Administer 1 dose of at least 5.7 log10 EID50 per animal

Method of administration

– Oculonasal application
Reconstitute the vaccine with the appropriate amount of a suitable diluent and administer by means of the standardised dropper. One drop should be applied onto one nostril or one eye. Ensure that the nasal drop is inhaled before freeing the bird.
For oculonasal administration a special diluent, Nobilis Diluent O/N, is available in a dropper in two dosage forms (1000 and 2500 doses).

– Spray
Reconstitute the vaccine in cool, clean water to which 2% skimmed milk may be added. The volume of diluent for reconstitution should be sufficient to ensure an even distribution when sprayed onto the birds. This will vary according to the age of the birds being vaccinated and the management system, but 250 to 500 ml of water per 1000 doses is suggested. The vaccine suspension should be spread evenly over the birds at a distance of 30-40 cm, preferably when the birds are sitting together in dim light. The spray apparatus should be free from sediments, corrosion and traces of disinfectants and ideally should be used for vaccination purposes only.

Withholding period
Zero days

Cardboard box with 1 or 10 vials of glass (hydrolytic type II) with rubber stopper and metal cap.
Contents per vial:
1000 and 2500 doses.

Freeze-dried vaccine: at 2-8°C in the dark.
Vaccine after reconstitution: ambient temperature / below 25°C

Side effects


Live Newcastle disease vaccines may cause a mild transient conjunctivitis in the person administering the vaccine.