Circumvent PCV

COMPOSITION: Porcine circovirus type 2 ORF2 subunit antigen.

Cobactan 2.5%

COMPOSITION: Cefquinome is a 4th generation cephalosporin. It acts by the inhibition of cell wall synthesis. It is bactericidal and is characterized by its broad therapeutic spectrum of activity and a high stability against penicillinases and beta-lactamases.


COMPOSITION: Procaine benzylpenicillin + dihydrostreptomycin (as sulfate) 200 mg/200 mg per mL suspension for injection.


COMPOSITION: Procaine benzylpenicillin 150 mg (150,000 IU), benzathine benzylpenicillin 125 mg (150,000 IU).

Enradin F40 / F80

Enramycin 40 g/kg

Finadyne Injection

Flunixin meglumine 50 mg/ml

Intradermal Application Liquids (IDAL) Injector

Battery operated Intradermal needle-less injector. Low volume dosing and stimulates cellular immunity via the skin.

M + Pac

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae bacterin.

Maxivac Excell 5.0

Inactivated influenza visrus strains, A/H1N1, A/H3N2, Emunade

Nuflor 2% Premix


Nuflor 30% Injection

Florfenicol 300 mg/ml


Glutaraldehyde 15% w/v, cocobenzyl dimethyl ammonium chloride 10% w/v.

Panacur 4%

Fenbendazole (FB2) 40.0 mg

PG 600

Serum gonadotrophin (PMSG) 400 IU and chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) 200 IU in lyophilized form.

Planate Injection

Cloprostenol sodium 92 mcg (equivalent to 175 mcg cloprostenol).


Buserelin Acetate

Porcilis M. Hyo ID Once

Inactivated whole cell concentrate of Mycoplasma yopneuminiae strain 11

Porcilis PCV

Porcine circovirus type 2 ORF2 subunit antigen

Porcilis PCV M. Hyo

Porcine circovirus type 2 ORF2 subunit antigen, Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae J strain

Porcilis® APP

Inactivated vaccine based on outer mem­brane protein (OMP) and 3 toxoids (detoxified Apx l, Apx ll and Apx lll), produced by Actinoba­cillus pleuropneumoniae strains. Per dose 50 units OMP, 50 units Apx l, 50 units Apx ll and 50 units Apx lll as the active ingredients. Anti­gens are suspended in Diluvac Forte adjuvant.

Porcilis® AR-T

Protein dO (non-toxic deletion derivative of Pasteurella multocida dermonecrotic toxin; Inactivated Bordetellabronchiseptica cells. Adjuvant Diluvac Forte.

Porcilis® Begonia

Freeze-dried live attenuated vaccine against Aujeszky’s disease. Per dose: At least 10 exponent 5.5 TCID50 of Aujeszky’s disease virus strain Bego­nia. This strain neither synthesizes thymidine kinase (tk-) nor the glycoprotein 1 (gE-).

Porcilis® Coliclos

F4ab Fimbrial adhesin, F4ac Fimbrial adhesin, F5 Fimbrial adhesin, F6 Fimbrial adhesin, LT toxoid

Porcilis® CSF Live

Hog cholera strain GPE- at least 103 TCID50.

Porcilis® Glässer

Inactivated cells of Haemophilusparasuis serotype 5. The active component is suspended in Diluvac Forte adjuvant.

Porcilis® Parvo

Inactivated vaccine in Diluvac Forte adjuvant, porcine parvovirus strain 014.

Porcilis® Porcoli DF

Inactivated vaccine containing per dose: 100 ED50 of Escherichia coli heat-labile toxoid and Escherichia coli fimbrial antigen F4ab (k88ab), F4ac (K88ac), F5 (K99) and F6 (987 P) in Diluvac Forte.

Porcilis® PRRS

Live attenuated PRRS virus strain DV: at least 10^4 TCID_50 per dose.

PRV/Marker Gold Live

Genetically designed, live virus vaccine with spe­cific genetic modifications made in the vaccine virus to optimize safety and efficacy and to allow serologic differentiation based in either gI or gX deletions.

Regumate Porcine

Per dose: Serum gonadotrophin (PMSG) 400 IU and chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) 200 IU in lyophilized form.


The highly effective ectoparasiticide for the control of mange mites and lice on pigs. Can be used to treat surroundings.


Tildipirosin 40 mg/ml