Nobilis® REO 2177

The live non-pathogenic REO 2177 strain that actively immunizes chickens against Reovirus. The only Reovirus strain that can be safely administered with Marek’s Disease vaccine at day old.

Nobilis® Reo 2177 is a live vaccine against Reovirus infections in chickens.

Active components per dose:
Live non-pathogenic Reovirus strain 2177: at least 10 log3.1 TCID50 per dose.

A freeze-dried pellet.

For the immunization of chickens against Reovirus infections.

The vaccine can be given as from 1 day of age and is efficacious in the presence of maternally derived antibodies. The vaccine does not interfere with the efficacy of Marek’s vaccine and can therefore be given simultaneously at day old.
Nobilis Reo 2177 is efficacious as a primer to inactivated Reovirus vaccines.

0.2 ml per bird.

Method of administration
Intramuscularly in the thigh or breast muscle or subcutaneously in the lower part of the neck.

Withholding period

Boxes of vials each containing 1000 doses.

Store at a temperature of 2-8°C in the dark.

When used according to instructions: None.

Further information
– Use entire contents when first opened.
– Dispose of empty or part-used vials in accordance with local regulations.

– Vaccinate healthy birds only.
– Efforts should be made to reduce stress during vaccination and the post-vaccination period.
– Once reconstituted, the vaccine should be used within two hours.