Nobivac® Rabies

The highly stable inactivated, adjuvanted vaccine against Rabies that offers complete protection.

Nobivac Rabies is an inactivated, adjuvated vaccine against rabies, prepared in cell culture. This vaccine is highly immunogenic and offers complete protection that lasts at least 3 years.

Each dose contains ≥ 2 mouse potency I.U. of inactivated rabies virus, strain Pasteur, adjuvated with aluminiumphosfate.

Liquid vaccine.

Vaccination against rabies.

A single vaccination at 12 weeks of age will protect both cats and dogs for a period of at least 3 years. If animals are vaccinated for the first time below the age of 12 weeks, there is possible interference with maternal antibodies, and for this reason, a revaccination should be performed at the age of 12 weeks or older. Vaccination with Nobivac Rabies however is part of a comprehensive vaccination programme. Several alternatives exist. (See vaccination programme for dogs, See vaccination programme for cats).

Method of administration
Inject one vial of Nobivac Rabies subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Nobivac Rabies can also be used to reconstitute Intervet’s freeze dried vaccines Nobivac Parvo-C, Nobivac Puppy DP, Nobivac DH, Nobivac DHP, Nobivac DHPPi, Nobivac Pi, Nobivac PPi, Nobivac Ducat and Nobivac Tricat.

Boxes containing 10 or 50 vials with one dose of Nobivac Rabies, or vials containing 10 doses of Nobivac Rabies each.

Store at a temperature of 2-8°C. Do not freeze.

Further information
Nobivac Rabies is safe in pregnant bitches.

Occasionally a mild, anaphylactic-type hypersensitivity reaction may occur after vaccination. This type of reaction can occur after the injection of any foreign protein and is, in most cases, self-limiting.