Porcilis® APP

Inactivated vaccine based on outer mem­brane protein (OMP) and 3 toxoids (detoxified Apx l, Apx ll and Apx lll), produced by Actinoba­cillus pleuropneumoniae strains. Per dose 50 units OMP, 50 units Apx l, 50 units Apx ll and 50 units Apx lll as the active ingredients. Anti­gens are suspended in Diluvac Forte adjuvant.

INDICATIONS: Active immunization of weaning pigs as an aid in the control of pleuropneumonia caused by Actinobacilluspleuropneumoniae.

DOSAGE: By deep intramuscular injection behind the ear at a dose of 2 ml. A minimum interval of 4 weeks is required. It is advised to vaccinate at 6 and 10 wks of age or can be adjusted based on the clinical case of Actinobacilluspleuropneumoniae in the farm.

PACKAGING: Bottle 100 mL x 50 doses.