Porcilis® AR-T

Protein dO (non-toxic deletion derivative of Pasteurella multocida dermonecrotic toxin; Inactivated Bordetellabronchiseptica cells. Adjuvant Diluvac Forte.

INDICATIONS: For the reduction of clinical signs of progressive atrophic rhinitis in piglets by passive oral immunization with colostrum from pigs (sows and gilts) actively immunized with the vaccine.

DOSAGE: Administer one dose of 2 mL by intramuscular injection to pigs of 18 weeks of age and older. The vaccine should preferably be administered just behind the ear. Vaccination scheme: basic vaccination: inject one dose per pig, followed by a second injection 4 weeks after the first injection. The first injection should be administered 6 weeks before the expected date of farrowing. Revaccination: a single injection of one dose should be carried out 2-4 weeks prior to each subsequent farrowing.

STORAGE: Store in a refrigerator (2°C – 8 °C). Protect from light. Do not freeze.

PACKAGING: PET vial of 50 mL.