Porcilis® Glässer

Inactivated cells of Haemophilusparasuis serotype 5. The active component is suspended in Diluvac Forte adjuvant.

INDICATION: Vaccination of pigs against polyserositis (Glasser’s disease).

DOSAGE: 2 mL by IM injection. Protection of piglets 5-6 wks of age: Vaccinate sows with 1st dose 6 wks before farrowing and the 2nd dose 3 wks before farrowing. Revaccinate 2-5 wks before each subsequent farrowing. Protection of pigs 8-12 wks of age: 1st dose at 5 wks of age, 2nd dose at 7 wks of age.

PRECAUTION: Vaccinate healthy pigs only. Allow the vaccine to reach room temperature (15-25ºC) before use. Shake the vaccine before and during use. Use sterile syringes and needles.

PACKAGING: Vial 50 mL (25 doses).